Monday, 19 August 2013


Doing Everything Together

Like those who have been in boarding schools before; sharing cubicles or in prisons where rooms are shared with other persons, life can be really boring and painful. This is because what might be important to you will not be important to the other party especially when it comes to cleanliness

Something strange and unique happened in the garden of Eden. God did not bless Man even though he(Man) was the first born. God waited until He (God) had created woman before He bless them both in Genesis 1 :28; making sure that even the blessings are pronounced on both at the same time and same place.

Over the years we have seen in the bible how in the early part of human history the Woman's role was hugely "domesticated" or house related (cooking, pregnancy, cleaning etc) and this covered the beautifully unique roles that a virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31is supposed to play.

We all acknowledge that in relationship and family life there are roles like breastfeeding, bathing babies, early morning rise and a host of others that Women do that Men may not be able to do excellently as Women putting pressure on these unique women. Today Women unlike the olden days are enlightened, great role models, bread winners of the family, educated and  bright; yet they continue to breastfeed, do early rise etc . As a result of these pressures, some of them go to bed too tired to satisfy their husbands, feel pressurize,too distant from their husbands, feel lonely even though they are married.

It looks as if still we Men have not learned that helping with the house chores, doing the bedding, helping with cooking and the bathroom will go a long way to acknowledge and treasure this unique Woman that the Lord has given us since we cannot breastfeed. It is pathetic that many Men sometimes act as Room Mates; ignoring what goes on within the house and yet expect a wife to be "happily married".

Think about it: how just doing the bed, helping with onion cutting, washing or cleaning the bathroom will help to get your woman back on track and avoid going to Pastor with all your marital problems. If indeed we all believe that a Woman came from Man, then it is high time we protected what belongs to us ( the Rib) because I do not want to lose a lifetime with God simply because I was not able to protect and take care of my own Rib ( my Wife). I can not believe that helping with the house chores is as beautiful as taking her out atleast in the sight of God. I promise God that my culture and what others would say would not prevent me from protecting what God gave me, my own rib (my Wife)